About our Seattle Foundry

We have been fabricating custom engineered products at our Seattle foundry since 1978. Our products include molds, castings and cores for industry. We are a small, three generation foundry with combined experience of over 130 years. We produce custom products and foundry supplies, both one-off and production quantities. We stand by every product we sell. As a result, customers regularly recommend us to their friends and colleagues. If we can’t do it, we know where you can get it done!


We cast aluminum, bronze/brass and copper on site.



Our in-house processes can provide foundry shell cores, no-bake cores and CO2 cores.



Our processes produce excellent surface finishes to high tolerances in green sand, no-bake and shell molds.


Foundry Supplies

We are a regional provider of supplies, including ingot, sand, jackets, bottom boards, bronze chills and more for foundries and hobbyists.

Seattle Foundry Castings



Seattle Foundry Cores



Seattle Foundry Molds



Seattle Foundry Supplies



Seattle Foundry Supplies

Seattle Foundry Castings